We worked with London based studio Earth and illustrator John Devolle to create an animation for the National Landlords Association to go along with their big rebrand. The project was a lot of fun to animate, not least because of how charming John's work is (you should definitely check out his other stuff). Also, how can you not love that satisfying 'click' that happens when you plug in an ethernet cable?


Date_FEBRUARY 2018


We love a storyboard here at First Image. It's here that our grand ideas are put through their first test: 'do we even know how to visualise what we're imagining?'. The answer is usually a 'no', and so storyboards are a great reminder that it's all got to be do-able in the real world. These usually go through about 5 or so revisions at our end before we send to the client and get feedback.

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